Raising Children

How do you balance between showering your kids with affection and disciplining them?

Raising children can be an intimidating task. People will often advise you about various ways as well as the do’s and don’ts. Often, we either emulate or diverge from the examples of our parents, depending on our experiences. However, it is important that we revert back to God, the author of life.

In Scriptures, Moses commanded parents to keep the words of God in their hearts and minds and teach these to their children. Clearly, it is important for parents to be examples of Christ to their children. Ephesians 6:4 tells “Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.” In this way, they would grow up to be obedient, God-fearing adults. The book of Proverbs also contains much wise advice about how to raise a child so that they would not depart from the right path.

There would be many influences that would surround your children’s life such as school, media, friends, relatives, and even church. Thus, it is very important to teach your children the ways and expectations of God. Start as early as possible. Talk as a couple and decide between yourselves on what ground rules to follow for your children.

In case you have not been a Godly parent in raising up your children, you can still change. Seek God’s guidance and start renewing the process of raising them.

From all these, the important rule is to let God’s words be your guide so that you would have an exciting and happy experience in rearing up your children.

  • Look to the Bible for the basic and important precepts on how to raise your children.
  • The mistakes of your children are opportunities for them to learn. Make sure that the message of love and concern gets transmitted to them.
  • Each child is different from the other. You may have to deal with them differently.
  • Children are observers. Walk your talk.
  • Treat your children with respect, regardless of age. Have open communication lines. Listen.
  • Make time for your kids. Schedule bonding activities with them like reading to them, watch movies with them or play with them to promote good behavior.
  • Observe what your kids are doing during their free time. Through this, you will know which things they must continue or refrain from doing.
  • Raising Filipino Boys www.raisingfilipinoboys.com
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  • Philippines Children’s Fund of America : www.pinoykids.com
  • The Family You’ve Always Wanted by Gary Chapman
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  • According to the Presidential Decree no. 603 (The Child and Youth Welfare Code), “whenever a child is found delinquent by any court, the father, mother or guardian may be judicially admonished.”
  • More than half of the poor are children – 14 out of 26 in 2000 and 14 out of 24 in 2003 (NSCB, 2008)
  • The number of reported crimes against children increased by 40% between 2006 and 2008.
  • 37% of the population of the Philippines is between 0 and 14 years. (2010 NSCB)

In this video, a young couple strives to bring up their children according to their own values while struggling with the expectations and traditions of older generations. Discover biblical principles for raising kids and coping with relatives. The guest counselors are the parents of seven children and they have been pastors for many years. They share practical advice and personal experiences. Learn how to be the best parents you can be!