Are you struggling with homosexual tendencies?

Are you struggling with homosexual tendencies? Have you been living a lesbian or gay lifestyle? Do you want to be free?

  • Seek a Christian support group that will help you through the lifetime transformation.
  • Remember that the conversion process is a lifetime because it requires changes in desires, behavior, identities and lifestyles.
  • Being heterosexual is not the only goal but also to have a heart and life that is following Christ.
  • Caring for Gay Loved Ones by Frank and Anita Worthen
  • Is Gay Ok? Edited by Isabelo F. Magalit
  • This Way Out by Frank Worthen
  • Straight to Jesus : Sexual and Christian Conversions in the Ex-Gay Movement by Tanya Erzen
  • The negative consequences of homosexual lifestyle may include diseases, thereby lowering life expectancy.
  • According to the 2005 HIV Estimates in the Philippines, the number of males who have sexual intercourse with males (MSMs) range between 379,000 to 800,000 (Lagablab site)
  • The Philippine society is more open to homosexuals in the entertainment industry but seems to be more conservative in other sectors.
Born Bading
What causes homosexuality? Are homosexuals born with this inclination? Is a change of sexual orientation possible? In this drama, Arman struggles with homosexuality brought about by his past. He seeks to find answers to his many questions and to find out who he really is. Acquire amazing insights as you listen to our counselor and former homosexual, Anthony Roquel (“Tonette Macho”) while he details his life experiences to hosts.