Drug Abuse

You didn’t think that it could happen to you. But it did.

You didn’t think that it could happen to you. But it did. Either you were pressured, you were curious and just wanted to experiment, or you felt it was the only answer to your problems, it does not matter. You have become addicted. You want to be free but you don’t know how to start afresh or who to approach. To whom should you tell what you are going through? Your parents? Relatives? Friends? You might have tried to have freedom before but the cycle has continued. You just feel very tired, ashamed and so lost.

Do not lose hope. It is possible for you to have freedom from this stronghold. You must first acknowledge that you have a problem and must be willing to seek help. Approach a trustworthy person or reputable group and let yourself be guided into going through rehabilitation and treatment. Seek the support of the people who love you. You need this because the healing process can and will take a long time.

And most importantly, you have to go back to God. Seek His forgiveness and let Him heal you spiritually, physically and emotionally. Many have tried to do the treatment process on their own, believing that they could handle it. However, without God’s divine healing and enveloping love, your human nature and natural weakness will lead you back to the same path.

The journey to healing will not be easy and it will be long. Be assured though that with God, nothing is impossible. With Him, you can be free!

Watch the story of Puroy Decena.

  • Do not be pressured or experiment with drugs or alcohol to solve your problems. Many of those who try these become addicted.
  • Parents must take part in their children’s lives so as to help them to get through their struggles. Get to know the friends of your children as well as the activities they do.
  • Talk openly in the family about the disastrous effects of drug addiction. If you suspect they are using, ask them directly.
  • If you are currently into drugs, seek help. You cannot get well on your own. Have a sober support network. Open up to your family.
  • Do not lose hope. God can heal you and help you be free from drug addiction.
  • Book: How to Drug Proof your Kids: Parent Noted by Focus on the Family
  • According to the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB), there were around 2 million drug users in 2008. However, accurate drug users data is difficult to obtain because people don’t want admit that they are users.
  • The typical age of drug users is 28-30 years old and majority are males.
  • Inhalant abuse, primarily the use of rugby, is prevalent among street children.
  • Shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride) and marijuana (cannabis) are the most prevalent drugs in the Philippines.
  • The profile of an arrested drug user: average age is 30 years old, male to female ratio is 8:1, generally single, unemployed or underemployed, only reached high school level, urban settler and 20% are minors.
  • Injecting drug users are now at most risk for HIV/ AIDS. (DOH)
  • RA 9165 or the Comprehensive Drugs Act, signed on June 7, 2002, gave birth to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), the anti-drug agency in the country.
  • Drug selling surges during the months of March (graduation), June (enrollment), September and January.  (PDEA 2009)
Stories of Freedom: Puroy Decena
Can God change the life of a drug addict? Watch the story of Puroy Decena.
Watch as a bright young professional with a promising career becomes involved with an addiction that threatens his whole family. Are drugs as harmless as they sometimes appear? Is there any way out of addiction? Find out that though drugs hold more danger than you thought, there is also more hope than you realized!