Are you facing struggles in your relationships? With your parents? With your Spouse? Are you worried about finding the right life partner or about your finances? Are you struggling with something your feel may be destroying you? These are issues and problems common to many today.

Usapang Pamilya is about building stronger families through the application of practical Bible truths to situations and life issues common to the modern Filipino family. Whether we are facing issues concerning our family relationships, struggling with or facing the consequences of a lifestyle choice, or simply have a desire for greater personal growth the Bible contains practical answers to our everyday situations.

Maybe you are struggling with the consequences of poor choices of either yourself or someone else. There is hope for the future. God is a God of second chances and He desires to help you rebuild your life.

There are answers! There is hope! Through the pages of this site you will find resources designed to help you on your journey, as you seek answers to the situations and circumstances common to many. It is our desire that through Usapang Pamilya you will find resources to assist you as you navigate life and build, or rebuild a strong family.